Digital Power Conversion

Digital power conversion is a power system that is controlled by digital circuits, in much the same way as would be with analog circuits, to monitor, supervise, communicate and control looping. A fully digitally controlled power system includes both digital control and digital power management. Control loops provide the mechanism by which to regulate the output of the power supply, usually through pulse width modulation of a power switch. Power management techniques provide the ability to monitor temperature, provide overcurrent protection, and supply sequencing.

Freescale digital signal controllers are the right solution for digital power conversion applications. Freescale's DSCs provide both the control loop and power management functionality on one platform. By providing outstanding digital signal processing capabilities, high–speed PWMs, and extremely accurate ADCs, Freescale DSCs maximize system performance and reliability.

  Reference Designs
ID and Description Vendor ID Format Size K Rev # Order Availability
LLC Resonant AC/DC SMPS Reference Design  
This reference design describes an offline AC/DC switched-mode power supply (SMPS) using an LLC resonant converter topology.  
FREESCALE   -   -   -   -
Inverter for the Solar Panel Reference Design Using an MC56F8023  
The Freescale Solar Panel Inverter reference design demonstrates the ability of the 16-bit DSC MC56F8023 to control whole inverter functionality.  
FREESCALE   -   -   -   -
WCT-5W1COILTX: Single-Coil Wireless Charger Reference Design  
The 5W single-coil wireless charging transmitter reference design uses the Freescale MWCT1000 IC to implement a wireless charging transmitter solution.  
FREESCALE   -   -   -    

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