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Success in the tablet market relies on combining great hardware and software design with fast time to market.

Freescale provides a complete tablet system solution that delivers industry-leading performance, low power for extended battery life and support for a wide range of operating systems. All this combined with full reference designs lets you to get to market quickly.

Our tablet system solution combines i.MX application processors using advanced ARM® Cortex® - A8 and -A9 core technology, power management ICs and Xtrinsic smart sensors.

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Community Demo

Watch this demonstration that shows designing made easy with Freescale's MMPF0100 and MMPF0200 The specified item was not found.. These devices are optimized for i.MX 6 applications processors. Power-sensitive applications include portable medical devices, gateways, routers, home security systems, e-readers, tablets, and home energy management solutions.

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What's New

  • PF3001 PMICs
    Combine 10-Channel PF3001 PMICs with i.MX applications processors
  • PF3000 PMICs
    Combine 12-Channel PF3000 PMICs with i.MX applications processors