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Freescale gives you a complete E-Reader system solution, including i.MX applications processors, accelerometers, power management ICs and an integrated EPD controller.

Based on ARM® technology, our eReader solution helps you lower system cost and extend battery life, while delivering high performance for faster page flips and a better reading experience.

We're focused on partnering with companies like E-Ink to develop highly integrated embedded solutions that reduce costs and foster innovation for E-Reader manufacturers and their customers.

Featured Reference Designs

Community Demo

E-Ink Internet Signage Board

This is an example of an Internet Signage Board using i.MX6 and an Ethernet display. It is easy to update and will display images sent to its own unique email address.

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  • PF3001 PMICs
    Combine 10-Channel PF3001 PMICs with i.MX applications processors
  • PF3000 PMICs
    Combine 12-Channel PF3000 PMICs with i.MX applications processors

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