Powertrain and Hybrid Systems

Powertrain and hybrid systems established electronic control technology in vehicles. Freescale has been there since the beginning of microprocessor implementation in vehicles and at every performance-enhancing milestone since. Built on industry-leading microcontroller technology and supported by sensors and analog/mixed signal ICs to provide a more complete system solution, we provided the enabling technologies to help you achieve improved performance and efficiency. Our long-term commitment to advanced powertrain technologies has resulted in a wide range of products that help you meet tomorrow's powertrain design challenges.

Functional Safety

Featured Product

  Reference Designs
ID and Description Vendor ID Format Size K Rev # Order Availability
Reference Design - MC33812 / S12P Small Engine Control  
Single cylinder engine control reference design module using the Freescale MC33812 and MC9S12P128, including a Background Debug Module (BDM).  
FREESCALE   -   -   -    
Reference Design - MM912_S812, Small Engine Control  
The Freescale KIT912S812ECUEVM reference design is an easy-to-use evaluation kit for 2-cylinder motorcycle and other small engine control applications.  
FREESCALE   -   -   -    

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