Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) Stop/Start System  Favorite


This system shuts the engine off instead of idling while burning fuel and restarts it instantly on demand.

Stop/start systems require power electronics that can handle high current during cranking and ensure reliability during engine cycles operating on/off at high temperatures.

Freescale offers 8- and 16-bit MCUs plus analog switches, system basis chips (SBC) and transceivers for the numerous engine stop and start cycles.

The MM912J637 battery sensor fits with the start/stop system to monitor the current, voltage and temperature to inform the energy management system.

Target Applications

  • Belt Driven Alternator Starter
  • Micro Hybrid
  • Modified Starter
  • Stop Start System

  • Freescale Hybrid Electric Vehicle Start/Stop System Block Diagram

      Click to view Interactive elements
  • GM eAssist system using Qorriva for Regenerative Braking, Electric engine boost, and Start-Stop in vehicles - Demo

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