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Compliance with emissions standards (e.g., CO² regulations) is an automotive regulatory requirement in many parts of the world. Gasoline direct injection (GDI) technology can potentially increase fuel efficiency by 20 percent due to electronics. And cars equipped with turbochargers (paired with GDI) are expected to become even more prevalent in coming years.

Freescale’s expertise and leadership in the powertrain market can help you develop the ultimate eco-friendly gasoline engine control system for future generations of vehicles. Our extensive software development tools, runtime software and partner network simplify the development process.

  • Freescale Gasoline Engine Management block diagram

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  • Hybrid Electric motor control with MPC5xxx - Demo

  • Freescale Concept Car Featuring Qorriva, Vybrid, i.Mx6, MagniV, ExtremeSwitch and other MCU - Demo

  • Fuel Injector Pre-Driver for Gasoline and Diesel engines with MC33816 - Demo

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