Chassis and Safety

Freescale has created highly innovative integrated systems that have helped put advanced chassis and safety systems on the road. Our ongoing efforts to extend the capabilities of these systems include:

  • Our family of dual core, dual issue 32-bit controllers, specifically designed to address the requirements of IEC61508 (SIL3) and ISO26262 (ASIL-D) standards for safety critical automotive applications
  • Advanced chipset solutions for increasing performance and lowering costs in high volume airbag systems
  • Freescale is committed to PSI5 and DSI communication protocols in airbag systems
  • Integrating sensor technologies into cost-efficient System in Package (SiP) solutions that deliver board-level functionality for automotive systems.

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Functional Safety

  Reference Designs
ID and Description Vendor ID Format Size K Rev # Order Availability
Airbag Evaluation Platform (PSI5)  
The Freescale Airbag Reference Platform is an airbag electronic control unit implementation example for the growing automotive safety segment.  
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