Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are systems developed to assist, complement and eventually substitute the driver in the complex process of controlling a vehicle. ADAS provide features including adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, lane-departure warning, night vision, lane-keeping assist and collision warning systems with automatic steering and braking intervention. Predictive ADAS are designed to prevent accidents by taking partial control of the car's movement. These automated safe systems are paving the way for tomorrow's fully autonomous cars.

A Safe Eye on the Road

From today's safety assisted vehicles, to tomorrow's autonomous cars, Freescale is driving the world's most innovative ADAS solutions with our Auto, MCU, Analog and Sensors and Digital Networking portfolio expertise.

Ethernet Rear-View Camera

  • Rear-view camera systems help drivers identify an object or a person behind a car, allowing the driver to back up and maneuver safely. Read More

Smart Rear-View Camera

  • Smart rear-view cameras analyze video content for object and people detection and support full local image processing and graphics overlay. The distance of objects can be measured, and braking intervention can be triggered. Freescale's solution allows a very small form factor due to the high degree of integration, ease of programming via a high-level abstracted software development toolset and low power consumption. Read More

Front-View Camera

  • A highly integrated multicore MCU optimized with powerful DSP extensions analyzes the high-resolution video content and detects objects. Freescale solutions enable a cost-effective, multipurpose forward-looking camera for adaptive headlight control and lane-departure warning or lane keeping. Read More

Surround-View Park Assist

  • Multi-camera surround-view park assist systems display the area surrounding the car onscreen. The perspective moves dynamically depending upon the trajectory of the car, allowing the driver to easily recognize any hazards. Advanced systems use up to five high dynamic range megapixel cameras connected by a cost-effective link such as LVDS or Fast Ethernet. Read More

77 GHz Radar System

  • 77 GHz radar systems support adaptive cruise control, pre-crash protection and collision warning systems with and without automatic steering and braking intervention. Freescale's scalable radar solution supports manifold modulation schemes, allowing one radar transceiver to be used for multiple safety applications. Read More

Multi-channel 77 GHz Radar Transceiver Chipset

  • For use in automotive radar, automotive advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), automotive safety systems and other high-performance communication infrastructure and industrial systems. The MR2001 77 GHz radar transceiver chipset is scalable for multi-channel operation enabling a single radar platform with electronic beam steering and wide field of view to support long-range radar (LRR), mid-range radar (MRR) and short-range radar (SRR) applications.
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Why ADAS Matters

  1. Increased Safety: Active and passive safety systems can help to advance the goals of reduced driving risks and zero fatalities
  2. Greener Mobility: Vehicles can better manage their navigation and consumption, thus reducing emissions for a smaller carbon footprint
  3. New Mobility: Analysts predict more car sharing and less car ownership and new technology that will enable individual profiles per driver. Additionally, the advent of autonomous vehicles could spur the growth of a more cost-effective goods distribution network
  4. Connectivity While Moving: As cars become more woven into the IoT, more data will be collected from them and consumers will continue to press for a connected driving experience customized just for them