Internships and Co-Ops in the United States

All it takes is one summer of twiddling your thumbs and realizing (via your social media posts) that your life really isn't that interesting to know that summer is an excellent time to get to work and earn money while you learn.

If you want to use the innovative and fresh ideas you are learning in the classroom to contribute to projects that help change lives, then a Freescale internship or co–op position is for you.

Freescale Summer Internship

  • 12-week summer assignment, beginning in May or June
  • Full-time paid employment
  • Full benefits

Freescale internships rocks! But don't take our word for it...see what our interns have to say.

Freescale Co-Op Program

  • 16-week spring or fall assignment
  • Alternating full-time work periods and full-time studies
  • Registered for school credit
  • Full-time paid employment
  • Full benefits
  • Spring term: January to May
  • Fall term: August to December

Qualifications for Internship/Co-Op Positions

  • GPA: 3.25 or above
  • Enrolled as a full-time student at an accredited university
  • Majors: Accounting, Business, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Science Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Finance, Industrial Engineering, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Physics

Freescale Internship Experiences

"I really felt like part of my team at Freescale. My manager gave me the tools and knowledge I needed to truly feel as if I was adding value to the company. My team provided me with guidance, but also granted me a great deal of independence and trusted me with important tasks. I never felt as if I was just doing busy work- all of my tasks were engaging and taught me a lot about the industry and marketing in general." – Fiona

"One of the things that attracted me to Freescale are the people who work here. I admire how respectful people are to one another and how quickly they are willing to help. I got to work and meet with some of the brightest engineers and I gained a lot of experience from working with them."
– Nikki

"It was my dream to become a part of Freescale. I am a computer science student and they gave me an opportunity to work in the embedded field and that was my dream. This is an organization which really encouraged me to do some innovative work and provided a healthy environment. I do not think any organization can provide a working environment that is better than Freescale." – Pardeep