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Technology Leadership

At Freescale, we invest over $800M/year in research and development (R&D) so we can provide some of the highest-performing, richly-optimized, smallest-geometry products that enable the world around you. With our R&D and the help of our partners, we continue to develop advanced technologies that give you greater productivity and speed your time to market—while minimizing our environmental impact.

From transmitting the first words from the moon to life-saving airbag sensors, we have a long history of world-changing inventions.

Energy Management Technology

Helping you to minimize power and optimize energy, we are a leader in power management techniques. We know power and energy are the biggest challenges you face and so we target power management at every level—from process and design technologies to system-level design and development software.

Environmentally Preferred Products

At Freescale, our goal is to provide you with Environmentally Preferred Products (EPPs) that meet both regulatory requirements and your specific restrictions on hazardous substances and minerals.

Foundry Services

We can offer foundry services through our standard process or by installing your own unique technology at any one of our three 200mm front-end manufacturing sites.

Freescale Discovery Labs

This is a place where our best minds at Freescale collaborate on high risk, high reward ideas—ideas that have the potential to dramatically improve existing technologies and change the face of our industry.

Packaging Technology

In the race to provide more power in ever smaller spaces, we rely on our 30 years of leadership in semiconductor packaging and manufacturing technology to provide mature, highly-reliable packaging, with variants optimized for specific applications and halogen and Pb-free options.

Process Technology

Our process technologies are pushing the boundaries of higher performing, lower power devices in ever smaller packages.

We have a deep expertise in advanced process and design technologies, and a proven track record in high-volume manufacturing.


From product concept to customer ship, our quality system helps ensure that every solution is safe, cost-effective and reliable.