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Foundry Services

At Freescale, we offer foundry services through our standard process or by installing your own unique technology at any one of our three 200mm front-end manufacturing sites.

We support your technology roadmaps with engagements beyond single ‘node’ and with an emphasis on lowering cost, reducing cycle time and accelerating new product introductions.

Freescale's Die Manufacturing Capabilities

CMOS w/ Embedded Flash
Analog (SmartMOS)
Specialty Technology
MEMS Accelerometer, Pressure, Gyro, Optical, IR
MOSFET Planar, Trench
Post Wafer Fab Processing Thinning, Backmetal, Bump, Cu Plating, Lift-off Au/Sn,
Packaging Wafer bonding, Redistributed Chip Packaging (RCP)

For specific technology details contact our Foundry Services Group.

Benefits of a Foundry Relationship with Freescale

  • Stable, long-term automotive demand in each wafer fab results in better yield, better quality and cost improvements for all the wafers we manufacture
  • Access to our process technology enhancements and roadmaps
  • Experience with 150mm/200mm process transfers (MEMS and IC)
  • ITAR compliant systems and procedures
  • Process Design Kits (PDKs), standard cells and I/O libraries, options for memories
  • Design and layout services: mask prep, DRC support, design consulting services
  • Support EDA tools and design flows
  • Production planning, logistics and reporting services


Austin Technology and Manufacturing Center (ATMC) - Austin, TX (1995)

Manufacturing Space: 140,000 ft2 (13,000 m2)
Certifications: ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001

  • 90nm technology node
  • >50% of production volume for automotive customers
  • 0.25um – 0.18um Aluminum, 130nm - 90nm copper technology nodes
  • Technology focus
    • MCU w/embedded NVM (0.25um – 90nm)
    • Network processors (including SOI)
    • Mixed signal (0.18um, 130nm, 90nm)
    • SiGe BiCMOS (0.18um Copper)

Chandler Fab - Chandler, AZ (1993)

Manufacturing space: 200,000 sq. ft. (18,500 m2)
Certification: ISO/TS-16949

  • 0.25um technology node (0.18um in 2016)
  • >80% of production volume for automotive customers
  • Technology focus
    • MCU w/embedded NVM (0.35um – 0.25um)
    • Mixed signal (0.5um – 0.18um)
  • Dedicated clean room for post fab wafer processing
    • Wafer thinning to 2 mil
    • Backside metal (Ag, Au)
    • Au lift off metallization
    • Plating

Oak Hill Fab (OHT) - Austin, TX (1991)

Manufacturing space: 115,000 sq. ft. (10,600 m2)
Certification: ISO/TS-16949

  • Mixed-use fab focused on specialty technologies
  • >50% of production volume for automotive customers
  • 0.25um technology node
  • Technology focus
    • SMOS mixed signal
    • LDMOS RF amplifier
    • MOSFET
    • MEMS (accelerometers, pressure, gyro, optical)

OHT Fab MEMS Technology Capabilities

  • MEMS engineering team
    • 15+ years of sensor engineering and manufacturing experience
    • Expertise in development of multiple automotive and consumer MEMS products
  • Equipment capability to support MEMS processing requirements
    • DRIE, wafer bonding, lift-off metallization, wafer sawing, IR inspection, Anti-stiction
    • Freescale facility in Phoenix, Arizona adds wafer thinning, plating, evaporation
    • Dedicated gold wafer bonding processing facility within OHT-Fab
  • Demonstrated success with new technology introduction
    • Transfer of 5 automotive 150mm MEMS processes into 200mm production
    • 14 MEMS technologies introduced into volume manufacturing since 2009
    • MEMS volume production since 2009
    • 75% of MEMS production volume for automotive products
MEMS Wafer Capabilities
  • Glass Frit
  • Al-Ge-Si Eutectic
  • Au-Sn Eutectic
  • Anodic
  • Fusion (with Okmetic)
  • Automated IR Inspection (Vistec)
  • Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (SAM)
  • Anti-Stiction Coating
  • Deep Silicon (DRIE) - MEMS , TSV
  • TMAH Silicon Etch
  • PSG Release Etch Selective To Al
  • TEOS/Thermal Ox HF Vapor Release Etch
  • Wet Metal Etch
Seal Ring
  • Precision Frit Screen Print
  • Evaporated Metal
  • Au-Sn Ball Solder Jetting
  • 5x Stepper (i-line, DUV)
  • 1x aligner w/ Dual side IR alignment
  • IR Backside aligment
  • Spray Resist Coating
  • Lift-Off Processing
Sawing / Backside Processing
  • Saw-to-Reveal (STR)
  • Backgrind– capable to 2um
  • Wafer polish (Si and Poly)
  • Backside metal - Evaporation, PVD
  • Cu Plating– capability for Au