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As a leader in the automotive industry, it's only natural that we should deliver the high-performance processing technology behind automotive racing worldwide.

We're proud to be an official technology partner to McLaren Electronics, a recognized world leader in motorsports. McLaren's battle-tested engine management solutions deliver fuel injection and ignition control to Formula One, IndyCar®, among others.

Robust Power Architecture® MCU

It’s a device no larger than a fingernail that can enable 900 horsepower at 9,000 RPM.

Our Power Architecture® MCU acts as the "brain" of the McLaren-built engine control unit (ECU). Variations of McLaren's ECU are used across Formula One, NASCAR®, World Rally Car, IRL, MotoGP, Le Mans and other professional motorsports categories.

Within the McLaren TAG-400N ECU for NASCAR Sprint Cup Series cars, our MCU:

  • Evaluates data from sensors all over the engine
  • Determines the precise amount of fuel to be delivered to the engine's manifold—all at a startling 1,000 times per second.

What results is the same hard-charging racing NASCAR fans are accustomed to but without the excess fuel burn.

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McLaren TAG-400N Engine Control Unit

Made specifically for NASCAR Sprint Cup Series cars, the McLaren TAG-400N controls 8-cylinder race engines with a Freescale Power Architecture MCU at its core.

The TAG-400N provides:

  • Control of a V8 normal-aspirated engine
  • Absolute security against illegal software or tampering
  • Secure NASCAR application for scrutineering, marshalling and performance monitoring.
  • On-board data logging of prescribed primary parameters for NASCAR.
McLaren TAG-400N Engine Control Unit
Freescale-McLaren Engine Control Unit

Freescale and McLaren Electronics

Freescale is proud to be the Official Technology Partner of McLaren Electronics, the world leader in control electronics for the professional motorsports industry. Our Power Architecture MCUs make their way into McLaren Electronics' high-performance engine control units (ECUs), which are used across the world's premier auto racing series.

McLaren Electronics is the official ECU supplier to:

  • FIA Formula One World Championship
  • Indy Car (sole ECU supplier)

These electronic control systems are control the engine, gearbox and chassis of a modern race car, as well as providing data logging and telemetry capability.

McLaren Electronics also offers:

  • A complete range of rugged, high-performance sensors to complement the broader system capability
  • Real-time telemetry and data analysis across all Formula One race teams
Freescale Racing

The 2012 Daytona 500 was the beginning of a new era in NASCAR Sprint Cup Series racing.

For the first time in the more than 60 years—since the sport's inception, in fact—every NASCAR Sprint Cup Series car roared onto Daytona International Speedway with 860 horsepower of fuel-injected muscle under the hood.

As a replacement for the long-trusted carburetor, electronic fuel injection benefits fans and the environment. It significantly reduces burn of excess fuel and limits the harmful emissions that come along with it.

Our MCU inside the McLaren ECU processes data from all over the engine at 1,000 times per second, calculating and directing the precise amount of fuel to be delivered to the engine's manifold. This results in cleaner running engines, improved efficiency and performance.

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The Freescale "Wide Open" Award

Data pulled from the Freescale-McLaren ECU post-race delivers information, such as engine temperature and throttle position for a lap-by-lap analysis by the Sprint Cup teams about their race engine's performance.

Every race weekend, with some help from NASCAR to determine the winner, we present a check to the previous race's Freescale Wide Open Award winner.

Choosing from the top-five finishers of a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, the award goes to the driver with the throttle in the wide open position for the longest amount of time, measured during the final 20% of the race.

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